Hound Dog UAE's Transportation Company

HOUND DOG UAE has been providing a transportation services more than 17 years.

We have:

Hound Dog UAE-Bus Company-in-Dubai

The list of our services includes:


We try to provide the best services to our clients. Here, the main point is to provide a transportation solution to our individual, or corporate body clients, as well as to school tourists and hotels industry's employees within United Arab Emirates. HOUND DOG UAE specialized in providing bus vehicles, including both executives and labor transportation. The large bus fleet helps you to fulfill any of your transportation need according to comfort requirements and prices.

HOUND DOG UAE introduces the wide range of services in UAE's transportation field, including:

Highlights of our work is a flexible system of discounts at the conclusion of long-term contracts.

When you are late, everything is useless as an asshole right there. Except HOUND DOG UAE.