Heaven for the Motorcycle Riders

The motorcycle is a sign of excitement, fun, adventure, liberty; they give you the feeling of freedom and are adrenaline boosters. This vehicle can take you anywhere in the city in just some minutes because in this vehicle you can cross the narrow streets and overtake the cars and don’t have to worry when traffic is blocked. Besides, as a comparison, if you are traveling in a car then you will always be in a fear of getting your car scratched or some other situation that might cost you quite a worth. So the motorcycle comes with a lot of ease and perks.

This motorcycle not only comes with this advantage, but you can also have an unlimited off road fun in the desert using bikes. We are working in Dubai from many past years, and we are offering Motorcycles on rent so that you can fulfill your desire of this off-road adventure in the deserts of Dubai. Enduro tour is similar to desert safari in Dubai, you have to ride the bike of your choice and follow the other bikers till the night to the meeting point.

If you are a professional then it will be very easy for you to get on the Enduro Tour, and there would be many among you who can ride on the motorcycle but have no experience with the off-road driving, then we consider such people as the beginner as well. And for such people offer coaching classes as well. For the Enduro tour, KTM dirt bikes are used and it might be difficult for the beginners to stay with the convoy, and it is really necessary for them to take these coaching classes which can go from 2 to 3 days. There are different levels of coaching classes for the different type of riders, like

These are some of the packages available for you and your friends according to your riding levels. Each package has a different style of coaching lessons, according to your riding skills. If you want to experience something speedy, dazzling, wild and adventurous then just contact us and get the package for yourself.

If we talk about the first level which is 2 hours trip for riding bikes, then in this package we include a tour guide, a KTM bike which is a must in each package and a rider kit for your safety, and this package will cost you 690 AED for a single rider. These trips are very common and they are available easily on the daily basis. This is the best package for the new riders.

The second package is half day tour, this is similar to the above package, and the difference is just the cost which is 990 AED for one rider. Next is the full day package, this type of tour is not available all the time and you have to book this tour before the time. The price rose to 1600 AED and it includes lunch as well. So just grab your phone and get the tour of your choice.

Source: Speedy Drive