The Bosporus – Home Of Best Turkish Doners In Dubai

Doner from Turkey in UAEDoners are one of the special dishes of Turkish of the best doner in Dubai – The Bosporus is a must try restaurant.

The Bosporus is serving with many different doner recipes at their restaurant with the same taste as Turkish Cuisines.

Some of the Doner types include chicken Doner, Iskander Kebab, Chicken Iskandar, Pilav Ustu Doner, Plav ustu Tavuk Doner etc.

The main difference in the Pilav ustu and simple donor is the pita bread. The simple doner is a bit like shawarma which is full of spices and wrapped on the other hand the pilav ustu is the platter of rice or vegetables which can be served with the piece of meat. Both the recipes reflect the taste of Turkish cuisines and people love to eat those Doner dishes specially kids. The Doner can also be taken and eaten while at the go if you are running out of time because it is just like a fast food burger or shawarma.

The Bosporus is also serving a wide range of starters, soups, main course meals and coffees with the perfect taste of Turkey.

The soups and starters and fresh salads are also catching the attraction of the people of Turkey who are staying in Dubai. The people reviewed that the Bosporus is one of the great restaurant of Turkish Cuisines in Dubai which remind them about the food streets of Turkey with the best donors and other recipes. People found the taste of the Bosporus recipes same like their hometown Turkey.

Turkish pilav ustu DubaiOven fresh recipes are also served with the wide range of variety at the Bosporus including Turkish Pide.

The Bosporus is not only serving with the best doners and meat dishes but also serving with the great recipes of different beverages and tea and coffees. The traditional Turkish teas are worth to try after having a perfect Turkish cuisine.

Different variety of desserts can also be enjoyed including fresh fruit platters with chocolate ice-creams and puddings, Mixed Baklava, Kunefe, Sutlac or special mixed ice cream can easily make your mood happy and chilled.

Now if you are visiting Dubai or staying in Dubai you can have a perfect Turkish Cuisine without the need of visiting Turkey. Explore new and authentic recipes from Turkey and experience the great taste in Dubai at the Bosporus. The different varieties of soups, grilled meat or stews can easily melt your heart. Visiting the restaurant’s website can also make you aware of different ongoing events from the Bosporus.

The shisha corner is also available for the boys to hang out. So this winter you must visit The Bosporus to taste the yummy recipes of Turkey at very affordable prices. The yummy deals are waiting for you.