Hound Dog UAE's frequently asked questions

Hound Dog UAE-FAQ-in-DubaiWhat I need to know to get on board?

The main steps you need to do are to buy a ticket and present it to the driver, or book your seat beforehand.

What I have to do in a case my vehicle has not arrived?

If you still waiting your vehicle for more than 25 minutes, you should connect to HOUND DOG UAE's technical support by following numbers: +971 4905 4458 or +971 4893 3320, and our specialists will do their best to solve your problem. Take a note, that our specialists are not obliged to give an answers to any other questions, besides emergency ones.

Lost my baggage. What to do?

In a case of this unpleasant situation you should call us by previous (+971 4905 4458 or +971 4893 3320) number or find the members of HOUND DOG UAE's staff to take an official Lost Baggage/Damaged Baggage form from them. After fulfilling you need to sign it as a passenger of HOUND DOG UAE and take a signature of any staff's member. As a final step you can return this form to the employee or send it by yourself into info@plus-uae.com. The sooner the better.

Can I book a connecting ride?

Our company doesn't offer connecting rides within Emirates's territory. Also, we are not responsible for docking between checkpoints. So, in a case of connecting rides, our clients should be confident that they have enough time to change a one bus to another.

How to pay for the ticket?

Use your MasterCard, Maestro, Visa credit card

Use the bank transfer by Sharjah City Bank, Moor Islamic Bank, Arabesque Bank, Financial Chamber PJSH, Al ibn Hilaual Bank.

Take a note, that you need to have an account with a bank in the Emirates to use one of the listed banks as a payment method. In a case you haven't any account you need to use your debit/credit card.

What services are available on a board of Hound Dog UAE's buses?

We provide a high-speed free wi-fi connection, free sockets, WC, air conditioning, comfortable leather seats with deviating backs and seat belts (depends on bus' type).

Can I take my pet on a board?

Hound Dog UAE cares about the comfort and calmness of all passengers, so the animals are not allowed on a board, except of those in the form of ashes.