Hound Dog UAE's Prices

Here's the main points:Hound Dog UAE-Prices-in-Dubai

Bus category Bus type Number of seats Cost per hour (AED)
VIP VIP tourist 60 295
A Tourist long 65+1 220
B Tourist comfort 74+1 145
C Microbus 99+1 40



Guide Services

We are pleased to offer you an additional service - a tour guide, or guide-interpreter, guide with accreditation in UAE's museums and high-rank cultural objects of the region.

You can see the rates for this service in this section, or go to Price Calculation menu of transport tinning, then add "guide" service and the system will calculate everything for you. Please note that these rates are only valid if you order the company's transportation services.

Route Guide Services' Cost (not to mention ticket's price) Duration of Guide' work
Dubai Survey Tour AED 750 3 hours
Dubai Religious Sites Survey Tour (mosques, temples) AED 1500 3.5-4 hours
Museum Accompaniment AED 700 1.5 hour
Al Fahidi Fort Tour AED 18000 2 hours
Ghantoot Tours AED 1200 1-1.5 hours + road time

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