Hound Dog UAE's Staff Buses

Why it's so important to rent a bus for your staff?

Does your company far away situated or just hasn't very comfortable facilities for independent visits by employees? Are you tired of being late for your employees, referring to the poor performance of public transport or a bad traffic situation in the city? Do you want to increase the loyalty of your employees?

Our staff buses will solve all these problems. Depending on your requirements, we will make an optimal supply chain, including the selection of optimal transport capacity, comfort, the route, the number of trips, as well as other possible wishes.

You need to transport workers to the site or offices? We offer you different classes of vehicles: from economy Hyndai and buses to cars and business class Mercedes-Benz buses.
It is no secret that the traffic situation in Dubai and suburbs is very tense. This is especially true in the morning and evening, that is, just at a time when the delivery is carried out mainly employees. Given the situation on the road, we will lay the best route for you, minimizing the travel time. All of our trucks is equipped with a GPS system that allows to know the position of our transport at any time, if necessary, adjust the bus route is not permitting delays.

Transport service organization, delivering of personnel to corporate vehicles significantly improves the company's image. It is not secret that people are more and more interested in social package, so delivery workers are interested too. In addition, it promotes the discipline of employees, because now a reference for being late for work because of traffic jams are no longer relevant.
Choosing HOUND DOG UAE's corporate transportation you make a step towards the employee and, sure, the employee will answer you the same!